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Don’t Settle: 5 Reasons Love Should Not Be Mediocre

Don’t Settle: 5 Reasons Love Should Not Be Mediocre, loren, advice, love, passionate love, jr ridinger

There’s nothing as incredible as falling in love. It’s probably the best feeling in the world. When you first meet someone you’re attracted to, the feelings are often through the roof.You want to be around that person all of the time, you can’t keep your eyes (or hands!) off one another, and the tension (the good type of tension) is high. There’s no other feeling like it – and, it’s pretty impressive. But, what happens when that starts to fade? How do you know when it’s time to move on and be ready for the next relationship in your life?

Don’t Settle: 5 Reasons Love Should Not Be Mediocre

We all get trapped in relationships from time to time. They start out great. The attraction is off the charts, and you're crazy about each other, but sometimes that starts to fade. The honeymoon phase is over, and you’re not sure how to bring it back. You like one another, and you’re attracted, so you stay together. But, it no longer has that fantastic feeling that it once did. Here’s the thing: love should never be mediocre. It’s love and, that means it’s supposed to be the best thing in the world. Your heart should pound, you should get nervous and jittery and be on your toes every time you have those feelings – and, it’s 100% OK to want that.

When love starts to feel mediocre, the attraction begins to fade and everything else starts to disappear too. You become lost in a routine rather than letting passion drive your relationship. We only have one life to live – and the most passionate, heated love is something we should all experience. When you feel lost in something mediocre, it’s time to take a step back and reevaluate. Is your relationship just going through some natural ups and downs or has the love faded? As your relationship deepens, it should feel fiery, passionate and intense - a feeling like nothing else in the world. And, if it doesn’t – it’s time to take a look at what’s happening and remind yourself of exactly what you deserve.

  1. You deserve the most passionate love there is.
  2. It’s love – and, it should never feel mediocre.
  3. It should drive you wild from your head to your toes – physically and emotionally.
  4. We have one life to live, and passionate love is something we should all experience.
  5. Nothing in life should feel mediocre, and if it is – it’s time to make a change.

So, how about it: take a look at the love in your life. Does it need attention and passion infused back in? What can you do to make sure you’re getting to experience a love like no other? Or is it time to move on?