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Dating Disasters: Two Types of Men to Avoid

dating disasters

Dating can be a minefield. You find someone you’re attracted to, but they have zero charisma. You find someone your soul is charmed by, but they don’t reciprocate the same feelings. Then there’s the guy who’s nice and somewhat infatuated with you, but you have absolutely no attraction to him. Can’t a girl catch a break from these dating disasters?

My single friends tell me the dating scene can be a depressing place full of disappointment with a sprinkle of scaries along the way. It's evident there are two types of men to avoid who are the most prolific dating disasters.

Dating Disasters: Two Types of Men to Avoid

dating disasters

Online dating has opened the windows of opportunity to connect with people you would otherwise never meet, but it has also opened the floodgates of (online) hell. There are some real crazies out there, so please ladies – always let a friend know who and where you are meeting if you decide to meet an online date.

Dating expert Cyndi Olin recently shared the two types of men to avoid relationships with at all costs. With the rise of online dating and social media, we no longer have the traditional nod of approval from friends introducing us to old-time friends with their nod of approval AKA not a psychopath. Here are the two types of men to avoid at all costs:

The ‘’fast and furious’’ relationship pusher:

This type of guy will give you butterflies in your stomach and will push to see you all of the time after the very first date, taking things from ‘’zero to sixty.’’ These men are instantly drawn to women who really want to feel loved. But after six weeks to three months, they’ll suddenly start pulling away, making excuses not to see you and sometimes disappearing completely rather suddenly from your life with little to no warning. This is no joke, believe me!
If you allow your heart to be dragged down the rabbit hole of fairy tales with this type of man, you will be left feeling very lost and unhappy when they suddenly decide to exit your life without as much of a reason why, or even a courteous goodbye text message.

It’s up to you to slow down the ‘’fast and furious’’ guy and set the pace of the relationship – allow yourselves time to truly get to know each other and build solid foundations before you allow your heart to become attached. Your heart will thank you in the long run if things don’t work out.

The relationship with a narcissistic, psychopathic man:

These men will charm and fool everybody. Even your friend with the foolproof radar for bad energy won’t see this one coming, so run for the hills! This type of man will do everything in his power to hook you by being the perfect man, seemingly tailored to your precise specifications. But, almost as quickly as he manages to hook you, he'll get bored.

He may start to criticize you, lose interest in you, and leave you unhappily vying for his attention wondering what you ‘did wrong’ to push him away. The more unhappy you become, the more self-centered, powerful and power-hungry he becomes.

It is so much better and happier to be alone than to be around the wrong people. Neither of these types of men is capable of meaningful relationships, so please ladies, avoid these men at all costs!

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