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Dating Advice: Why He Pulls Away

Dating Advice: Why He Pulls Away, pulling away, he pulls away, matthew hussey, dating advice, dating

Dating is so complicated at times. When a guy initially shows interest and then pulls away, what's a girl to do? Matthew Hussey is a dating expert. He helps women all around the world with his expertise. I love his advice. He pushes past the tried and true to make you take a look at what's going deep down. He looks at the root of the problem to give you a perspective that relatable and makes sense.

When something's up, he's the one to turn to. I loved one of his more recent videos, "Why He Pulls Away When Everything is Great." He chats with a caller who is having a great time with whom she considers to be "the guy of her dreams." She leaves for a trip, returns and all of a sudden, her dream guy is pulling away. What's the deal?

Has this happened to you? Matthew suggests that instead of trying to make the guy fall for you, you should be focusing on yourself. Working on yourself and growing as a person will show your guy that you have value in yourself. When he sees you working on yourself and improving, that makes him much more attracted to you.

See the full video below!