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Creating a Dream Team

In several articles, fashion maven Tom Ford has been quoted
saying, “hire only people you want to have dinner with." I absolutely love
that saying. It is so true. Because when you think about it, the people you
work with, more often than not, end up being the people you spend most of your time
with. That’s why it’s so important to create the right dream team for each of
your ventures.

Whenever I’m about to start a new project, I make a list in
my head of people I know will help me make this idea a reality. Let’s be
honest: we can’t do everything ourselves, and a lot of times we don’t have the
proper expertise. Generally, there are two groups of people you’ll like to
think of when creating your dream team. These groups are “emerging talent” and
“seasoned experts.”

As an entrepreneur, it is very important to be able to spot these
emerging talents, people with potential and talent. Most of the time, the
people that are at that “just about to make it” point of their careers are the
ones with the most ambition and drive. They will bring that enthusiasm to your
team, which helps balance the more seasoned experts on your team (which
sometimes can be a little jaded). These people bring fresh ideas and a lot of energy
to your team. So when you meet those young people that are looking for
mentoring, don’t forget them because they might just help you create the next Facebook.

When launching a new venture, it’s common to find an aspect
of the business plan that we know nothing about. This is when we bring in an
expert. For example, let’s say you know your company needs more social media
marketing. You have a general understanding of all the key players—Facebook,
Twitter, etc.—but you’re humble enough to admit that you are no expert. The
right person can bring your project to an entirely different place—somewhere
you didn’t event know existed. Be honest with yourself about the places you can
use help, then do your research and find the absolute best person in the
industry. If you choose right, they’ll be worth every penny.

And don’t forget to pick people you like. There’s nothing
like mixing in well with your team. If you get along with everyone on your
team, the chances are they will all get along, as well. Bring people on that
share your vision, goals, business ethics, and standards. Now, that sounds like
a dream team!