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Change Up Your Dating Routine this 2019

Change Up Your Dating Routine this 2019, dating routine, 2019, routine, 2019 dating routine

It's 2019! It's time to get yourself out of your comfort zone and live a little. Maybe you're ready for love in 2019? If that's the case, then you need to change up your dating routine. Why? Because the old ways aren't working for you! You've been working on this for a while now so it's time to revamp the situation. How? By revamping your mindset. Read on for more!

Change Up Your Dating Routine this 2019

Be the person you want to attract- Like attracts like, ladies! That's why I'm always preaching to you about inner work. Work on yourself to be just as wonderful as the person you want to attract. Do you want someone at the highlight of their career or down in the dumps? You don't want a negative nelly, right? You want someone who will life you up and makes you better. So if you want someone positive and warm, be positive and warm. It's not as complicated as it seems.

Focus on feelings- How do you want to feel when you're out with your significant other? You probably want to feel happy, light, and free. Buoyant, if you will.

Stop going after your "type"- You might be pleasantly surprised. Try something or someone new this 2019! New year, new love, perhaps? Focus on how you want to feel with your significant other. Imagine it as if it was right there in front of you. Visualizing always helps!