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How to Celebrate Galentine’s Day Right

February 13th, 2018

Leave your partners at home, ladies, because today is Galentine’s Day. The holiday that started out on Amy Poehler’s Parks and Recreation has reached a national level. Today is the day to celebrate the love you have for your girls because according to Parks and Rec Leslie Knope, “uteruses before duderuses.” I’m all for Galentine’s Day. I’m celebrating in a small way today because I’m all the way in the Bahamas right now with the family. Find out how I’m celebrating today along with other ways to give your girls the love they deserve. Read on to learn more and let me know how you’re celebrating today?

How to Celebrate Galentine’s Day Right

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Send a text- Sometimes all it takes is a simple text to your girl’s telling them how much they mean to you! Remind your bestie why she’s so special to you. Is it her sense of humor or the fact that she’s always there for you when you’re feeling down? Let her know! I’m sending special messages to my girls right now.

Get your girls together- Wine night anyone? Before we head into Valentine’s Day, let’s get your girl group together to enjoy each other’s company. Celebrate one another with some wine and cheese after work today!

Have a one-on-one- Just spend some time with your bestie! Maybe plan a post-work workout or just a simple hang out. Some of my most memorable moments are hanging out at home with the girls. Make it a movie night!

Shopping & a movie- Shopping and a movie will make for the ultimate girl’s afternoon. Spend a little bit of that hard-earned residual income on a cute dress or some makeup. This is something we can all enjoy, right ladies?

Plan some alone time- Spend some time on your own to celebrate a day that’s all about women. Open up a glass of wine and take a bath. Relax and enjoy! It’s your day, too.

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