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Bridges To Power

The fact of the matter is that women are absolutely amazing.I know, I know, that seems to be the tag line for women’s empowerment these days, but I sincerely mean it.Let me explain.Monday, I sat outside for lunch at a café.The weather could not be any more perfect.As I sat at the table with my laptop and seafood salad, at a table in front of me sat six beautiful women.I watched as they laughed, ate, hugged, and shared “girlfriend” time together.It was obvious in their interaction that they serve as key supporters in each other’s lives.

Looking at those women got me to thinking about how important the support of women to one another is crucial.There is a reason why “Sex and the City” became a huge phenomenon.

Although most of us swooned over the fashion and drooled over the shoes, what made us tune in weekly and currently has us watching old episodes on “HBO on Demand” is the bond between the women.How many of us could name a Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha in our own circle of girlfriends?In fact, we saw our own friendships, love lives, and life’s dramas play out before us.No matter what the women faced, the end result is that they got through it together.

At some point during your life, you have witnessed the power exchange between yourself and another woman when the two of you genuinely shared from the heart and offered full support free from jealousy, envy, or competition.I know you remember.There is nothing like that feeling.The truth of it all is that we are each other’s best resources.We are one another’s strengths.

There is an unspoken sisterhood and bond that we share that when connected we exert a unique power that creates change and shifts the flow around us.Bottom line, we are dynamic as individuals but we are phenomenal together. Today, be a bridge of power to another woman. I promise you more than two lives will be empowered today.


By: Diana Bridgett