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Best Flirty Texts to Send to Your Holiday Cutie

December 6th, 2017

OK, so you want to start a convo with your holiday cutie, and you’re just not sure what to say. You’re walking a fine line with this one, girl. You want to be flirty but not over-the-top on the sexy side. You want to get his or her attention, but you also want to be somewhat calm, cool and collected. Texting can be a tough one, especially with new relationships or relationships that haven’t quite started yet. So what do you do? Texting can feel more intimidating than when you’re trying to flirt in person.

Best Flirty Texts to Send to Your Holiday Cutie

It’s easier to get a feel for the situation when you’re in person, whereas texting can often leave you hanging and wondering what the person on the other end is feeling. If you’re ready to start that text convo, but you just don’t know where to begin, here’s a list of the best flirty texts to send to your holiday cutie this season:

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“Just left the gym, headed to the showers.”

This one pushes the limits of flirty to sexy just a bit, sometimes pushing boundaries is a good thing.


“My dog needs you come snuggle.” (add a cutie dog pic!)

Who can resist a super cute pup? It’s way easier than coming out and saying you want to snuggle, but you still pretty much get the point across.


“I saw {insert something common} today, and it made me think of you.”

Sometimes you just have to let him, or her know they’re on your mind.


“I’m going to be out with {insert friends names} tonight, come join us for a drink!”

This one works great because you get to lean on your friends just a bit here. Makes it easier all the way around if you’re too hesitant to just put yourself out there.


Send a hawt selfie…No real words needed here.

Why not? You only live once.


“I’m having trouble sleeping, talk to me.”

This is great when you want to push that fine line just a little bit. Kinda great to get your crush thinking about you in bed with a late night text sesh.


“You + me, drinks at 9:00 pm. Meet me at…..”

Sometimes you just have to take charge and show your confidence. It may feel scary, but go for it! It will pay off for sure.


“I dreamt about you last night.”

Even if you didn’t dream about your crush last night, you could keep them intrigued with this one. 😉


What do you think? Can you get the text conversation started with your holiday crush with one of these?

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