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Believe the Unbelievable

It's been an incredible day so far at our 18th annual #MarketAmerica convention and it's only just begun. I haven't had much sleep but when you getting ready to open the show in front of 25,000 people who can! I always get the chills right before the big day and even after 19 yrs of being on stage I still get a little nervous. It's so inspiring to see how many people believe in #MarketAmerica, how we help each other grow and change lives all over the world. Be inspired, to change one life for the better, starts with changing ourselves for the better.

( getting hair and make-up done by Claudia and Marlene)


last minute run through before going on stage in front of 25,000 people


( shoes I lovee! Chanel)


(our Market America executive team)

( walking on stage)

(on stage greeting all of our guests)

( a packed crowd of 25,000 + entrepreneurs)