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Be a Mentor, Find a Mentor

My mother passed away when
I was barely 20 years old. Yet, I still feel her
with me every step of the way. My accomplishments and successes are all hers.
After all, I didn’t just wake up one day the strong, successful women I am
today. My mother, literally, raised me for greatness. From as far back as I can
remember, she would remind me that I was beautiful; that I was capable of great
things; and to love everyone and all things. She was, indeed, my first mentor.

(above with my husband JR Ridinger)

Throughout the years, I’ve
had several mentors including my husband, my brothers and a few close friends.
They’ve taught me about business, relationships and life. Without their
constant encouragement and positive reinforcement, I probably wouldn’t be where
I am today.

There are times in our
life when we feel a little lost, which eventually, can turn into fear,
frustration and dissatisfaction. But that’s nothing a little roadmap can’t
help! And we all know strong women are never
afraid to ask for directions. Mentors can act as great guides in life.

( with my brothers Andrew Weissman, Marc & Steve Ashley )

If someone is offering to
guide you in the right direction, it’s important to learn to accept that
support. In life, we must remember to not only give, but to also take, too.
Believe or it not, learning to receive life’s gifts can be half the battle! And
if there’s someone you know who has the right connections to help guide you,
don’t be afraid to ask. What do you have to lose? Nothing, really. Above all,
trust your gut. You’ll know when it’s time to ask or accept help.

(with one my best friends Eva Longoria-Parker at the Rally For Kids charity event)

As I mentioned earlier, I've had my own set of mentors, but I also like to think I've returned the favor by mentoring others, as well. Funny enough, some of the people I've mentored have turned out to be my greatest teachers. So if you're in the position to mentor, go ahead and reach out that hand - and don't forget to enjoy the ride.

I want to know who's your mentor send me a tweet @lorenridinger I want to know who they are!