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Attract More Love by Visualizing It

I know what your thinking: "visualizing is 101 of manifesting." Of course, you attract more love when you visualize it. It's the law of attraction—like attracts like. So, go ahead and imagine that dream romance you've always wanted. Here's the thing, I want you to go even further!

Attract More Love by Visualizing It

As you know, gratitude is another big part of manifesting. You need to be grateful for everything that you have to manifest those good things that you want. You have to focus on the good to get more. So remember to always be grateful!

Here's the kicker, as your dreaming and wishing for that dream partner, open up your heart for a moment. It could be a minute, maybe two. Focus on all the love you already have in your life. This is utilizing gratitude to show the universe, "yes, more of this, please." Focus on the hug from a loved one or a sweet text from a friend. When you focus on all the love you have in your life, you attract more, and you also remind yourself that you're lovable and loved by so many people in your life.

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