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Are You Open to Receiving?

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Everything is flowing in you and around you. Energy, love, abundance. How do we get more? We tend to stand in our own way! It seems silly, I know. If you want more, how and why in the world would you get in your own way? But really consider this, are you open to receiving? Are you open to saying yes to everything that comes your way? There are ways that you could be blocking yourself!

Are You Open to Receiving?

Fear- Fear comes up in pesky ways. Fear of failure is one way that fear drives us to close ourselves off. If you find yourself shying away from new opportunities or failing to shine in situations, then fear could be right on your shoulder. The answer is to stop playing small. Stomp out fear Let it go. The universe has your back.

Give- In order to receive freely, you have to be willing to give freely as well. I'm not exactly talking about money. Give your love and happiness freely. Be so open that you're willing to give your whole heart to the world. Give selfless service and love without abandon. The universe will see your openness and you will receive more than you know!