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9 Characteristics of all Great Friendships

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Throughout my life, I can happily say I've been blessed with great friendships. These are the individuals I choose to spend my time with because they are not just great friends and inspiring people, they are my extended family. Because I've been so blessed, I wanted to share with you the kinds of characteristics that make a friendship last. As the saying goes, friends are the family you choose. xo


Characteristics of a Great Friendship

  1. Mutual Respect - Through thick and thin, through good and bad, no matter what happens, respect is the number one attribute that cannot be lost if a friendship is going to last. Once respect is lost, the rest is history.
  2. Trust - Knowing this person always has your back no matter what is an essential component of a healthy friendship. It should be given in return.
  3. Love - Love your friends like family because they essentially are. These are the people you've chosen to have around you.
  4. Admiration - Be proud of your friends. Respect what they do. Celebrate the qualities that make them great. There's too much negativity in this world. Lets combat it with love and admiration.
  5. Support - Support each other in the good and bad. Let your friends know you're there for them to celebrate just as easily as you're there to lend a shoulder to lean on.
  6. Shared Experiences - Spend time together and appreciate doing the little things. Shared experiences bond you. Creating memories together is a priceless luxury.
  7. Open Communication - Don't let good friendships fail because of hurt feelings and bottled up emotions. Good friends share and communicate, never letting things become toxic from what could just be a simple misunderstanding.
  8. Common Interests - Having an interest in the same things is always a bonding experience.
  9. Celebrated Differences - But celebrating the qualities and interests that make you both unique brings a shared appreciation and beautiful diversity to the relationship.

What are some of the characteristics that make up your great friendships? I'd love to know what you value and what makes your friendships stand the test of time.

loren ridinger instagram kim kardashian amber ridinger kourtney kardashian

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