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8 Signs You're A Cat Person

Being a cat person is better than ever these days because loving cats is less taboo. Take the crazy out of crazy cat lady, and find out if you’re a cat person.


You Probably Own A Cat- You probably own a cat or want to own a cat. You treat you’re little kitty as though she is a queen. In fact, that cat is probably your best friend.

You’ve Seen All The Cat Videos- Every cat video on YouTube? Seems impossible, but you’ve done it! They’re so cute and you can’t help but watch them being adorable.

If A Cat Is On Your Lap You Don’t Move- If you have a cat napping on your lap, you choose to stay absolutely and completely still. The bathroom will just have to wait.

Your Instagram Is Full Of Pictures Of Your Cat- Your Instagram feed is more of an ode to your cat and you have no problem with that. She is just very photogenic.

Your Friends Tag You In Cat Posts- If there’s a funny cat post, your closest friends have probably tagged you because they know how happy it’ll make you.

You Own Cat-Themed Accessories- You have a hat shaped into cat ears and a skirt with a cat pattern. You don’t wear them together, but they are your favorite clothing items.

Cat Hair Remover Is Your Other Best Friend- Your entire home is covered in cat hair, but you keep your cat hair remover close at hand so you can get rid of those pesky hairs.

You Give Your Cat A Lot Of Love- You give your cat a lot of love. You stop to buy her mittens at the store and even check the ingredients list of her favorite pet food. Your friends think you’re crazy, but you don’t care. You just love you cat!