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8 Signs He's Not the One

he's not the one

People have a habit of holding on to the wrong people throughout their lifetimes. Perhaps out of misguided loyalty, or confusion over how they really feel. Life is short and time is sacred. If you have to question his feelings for you or his commitment to you, as painful as it is, he's not the one for you.

8 Signs He's Not the One

he's not the one

#1. You're Confused By Their Behavior

One minute he's showering you with attention, the next he's being cold and distant. This hot and cold emotional tug of war is exhausting. Add an emoji to your calendar for a month based on how he made you feel each day. What emoji do you see most of at the end of the month? If it's angry or sad, unless there are exceptional circumstances outside of his control that required his attention, he's not the one for you. Put your happiness (and sanity) first.

#2. He Makes You Feel Crazy

We're all a little crazy in love, but if he's regularly bringing out a crazy side of you that you don't like, it may be time to call it a day.

#3. He's Fast and Furious

If he rushed you into a serious relationship immediately, he's likely addicted to the feeling of the honeymoon phase. Take your time. If you let yourself get swept off your feet, you'll fall hard when he gets bored and withdraws his attention.

#4. He Doesn't Listen

If you always have to point out the same behaviors that hurt you, it may be time to run away. Fast.

#5. He's His Number 1

If he always puts himself first over everybody else in his life, you're likely dealing with a man who is selfish and lacks empathy for others. A man that truly loves you will make you one of his top priorities.

#6. He's a Loner

If he blows you off consistently to spend time alone, this isn't a good sign. Nor is a man with no friends because he'll be clingy which could become overwhelming for you, or he'll be distant because he actively chooses to be alone.

#7. You Feel the Need to Investigate

If you feel like you need to play detective, something is wrong. Either he is up to no good, or you have jealousy issues you need to work on independently.

#8. He Makes You Feel Worthless

Whether you have emotional insecurities or his actions are repeatedly getting you down and making you feel worthless, it's not fair to you and this could be a highly toxic relationship for you. If you've identified and communicated what's upsetting you and he's shown no remorse or attempts to change, you need to cut the cord. Your happiness is everything.