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7 Common Reasons Why a Date Ghosts You


Adulting can be hard work. You meet someone you like, they like you too, but then he or she ghosts you for hours or days at a time. When did dating become so complicated? I hear similar stories like this ALL the time.

7 Common Reasons Why a Date Ghosts You


This modern dating phenomenon is so common it earned itself it's very own nickname; "ghosting." It can be soul destroying if someone you grow to love suddenly disappears from your life with little or no explanation. Here are ten possible reasons.

#1. They are genuinely busy.

Being too busy to send a text that takes 2.5 seconds to write is ridiculous but may not be as farfetched as it sounds. If they're juggling a lot of work or personal commitments, this could be why they disappear for hours at a time. However, it doesn't excuse going missing for days unless they had a serious emergency.

#2. They're not ready for a relationship.

So many singles in today's dating pool have been so repeatedly hurt and let down that they've rendered their hearts currently emotionally unavailable. When people are nervous about sharing their feelings, they find it easier to ignore you instead of having a real conversation about it. When someone ghosts you without any closure, it's a distinct sign of emotional immaturity.

#3. They met someone else.

Dating apps give people access to a vast dating pool of singles. Ghosting may mean they met someone else and didn't have the manners to tell you. Their loss.

#4. Their feelings changed.

If they showered you with attention in the beginning but suddenly ghost you regularly, it may be because their feelings towards you changed but they don't have the morals to be honest with you. Revert to the closing sentence of #2.

#5. They're 100% focused on themselves and their future.

They have an entire life plan mapped out. Unfortunately, they may find it easier to ghost you than to tell you that you no longer fit with their plans.

#6. They're not that into you.

No further explanation necessary. Sometimes the chemistry just isn't there, and that's no reflection on you!

#7. They're hiding something.

Sometimes someone ghosts you because they're hiding something. Perhaps they're embarrassed to not be in a position to be the person you deserve, or maybe they're battling personal demons that they need to overcome on their own.