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Marriage Proposal Ideas That Are Actually Awesome


Legendary proposals hit the headlines every year - more so around this time of year with Valentine's Day being one of the most popular dates for couples to get engaged. Who remembers the video about the guy who threw rose petals into the whirl of a helicopter's rotor blades to distract his girlfriend while he bent down on one knee? With stories like this and choreographed flash mob dance proposals going viral, there's more pressure than ever to deliver a uniquely romantic proposal.

Marriage Proposal Ideas That Are Actually Awesome
Kornelius Bascombe pulling off his seriously elegant viral helicopter proposal.
Step 1: Ring it.

If you don't already have a ring, hit the jewelers today to find something that represents the beauty and uniqueness of your love. As seen on Forbes, James Allen has introduced a fabulous functionality allowing you to design your engagement ring.

Step 2: Capture the moment.

Book a photographer or a talented friend to capture your proposal for an everlasting memory.

Step 3: Ask in style.

There is one question you will be asked by everyone as soon as you announce your engagement to the world. ''OMG, I'm so happy for you - how did he/she propose?'' The more creative, and romantic the better. Below are a few proposal ideas to make this one of the most memorable days of your lives.

#1 Make a day of it.

Book a pamper day for your love to get their hair, nails, and makeup done as a special treat during which time you can hide lots of envelopes at your favorite spots to create a scavenger hunt. While he/she is distracted reading the last card which says ''Will you marry me?'', you can get down on one knee.

#2 Make a movie.

Create a video showcasing your magic moments together along with the reasons why you love them. For added oomph, you can even add video clips of their closest friends and family giving a short, heartfelt message about why they love them, or their thoughts on you both as a couple. Ask your local movie theatre to show the video before a movie with their friends and family hidden in the audience. A second option is to organize a surprise dinner at your favorite restaurant along with their loved ones to celebrate a fake promotion. Ask the restaurant to section off a private area television to show the film.

#3 Create a story.

Fill a photo album with photos and mementos of your time together like travel tickets or movie stubs reaching back to your early dating days, complete with the feelings you had with each memory, and when you knew they were 'the one.' Add a note on the last page that says, 'Will you marry me?''

#4 Photoshoot ready.

Tell your boo you won a couples' photoshoot you entered for fun, and inform them that the competition insists couples must write a letter detailing what they love most about their partner. Enlist the help of the photographer so that once their hair and makeup are finished, you both pose together for a few photos before they ask you both to face away from each other. The photographer will ask him/her to read their letter first. When you read yours, you can end it with a clue like detailing the exact time you realized they were your soulmate. At this point, the photographer tells them to turn around so that they can see you down on one knee with the ring in hand.

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