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6 Higher Vibration Songs to Start Your Day Right

higher vibration songs

Our mindset can be transformed by our surroundings, how we speak to ourselves, and the music we listen to while we're getting ready to slay the day. Read on to discover six higher vibration songs to start your day right.

1. Higher by DJ Khaled ft. Nipsey Hussle and John Legend

I love the positive vibes that radiate from every beat and word of this song. You can't help but feel uplifted to a higher energy level. Khaled and the entire team who worked on this track are donating all proceeds made from this song to the children of the late Nipsey, which makes the song even more meaningful and powerful.

2. Whatever It Takes by Imagine Dragons

Get your mind right and ready to fight for your dreams with the inspirational words in this song to set your mindset up for success.

3. Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys

The title of this song says it all - listen to this in the morning and you'll transform into the best version of yourself ready to go out slay.

4. Feelin' So Good by JLo ft. Fat Joe and Big Pun

I love the positive vibes in this song about knowing you can get what you want in life, taking care of yourself, and feeling good about yourself. I love the line 'there's no way you can stop me this time, or break this spirit of mine.'

5. Uproar by Swiz Beatz ft. Lil Wayne

Everything about this song will get you in your champion zone! Love it!

6. Stronger by Kanye West

A great reminder that although life can be challenging, everything you go through and survive makes you stronger!

Which songs are your go-to for instant positive vibes? Tweet me @lorenridinger.