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50 Reasons Why Life is Fantastic

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Wow. The world is in a tough place right now. From the hurricanes in Texas, the Caribbean and Florida, to the wildfires on the west coast, to the earthquake in Mexico….I could go on. It’s been a tough few weeks. With all of that happening in the world, it’s easy to get caught up in the negativity, but what about all that we have to be thankful for? Because there’s quite a bit. Turns out that despite the challenges we face every day and even though we’re dealing with some difficult situations, life is pretty fantastic. And, we should never forget that. No matter what, there’s always a reason for looking up and finding that blue sky above…even if it rains for days, eventually we’ll see that bright blue sky. Here’s a look at 50 reasons why life is fantastic.

50 Reasons Why Life is Fantastic

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1. Puppies!
2. Ice cream
3. The love of family
4. Best friends that make us laugh
5. Comedians
6. Chocolate cake
7. Sleeping in on a Saturday
8. Coffee
9. Taking a walk with your love
10. The Sunday comics
11. Beautiful flowers
12. The beach
13. Summer evenings
14. Wine!
15. Pancakes
16. Yoga
17. Playing catch in the front yard
18. Cozying up by a fire
19. Shopping with your besties
20. Laying in the sun
21. A day at the pool
22. Snuggling up in bed with your favorite person
23. The love of your children
24. The smell of bacon in the morning
25. The sound of crickets in the summer
26. Opening the windows for the first spring day
27. Taking a long drive with your favorite music blaring
28. Spaghetti dinners
29. Completing your first 5K
30. Belly laughs
31. RomComs
32. Anything chocolate
33. TV marathons on a rainy day
34. The perfect cappuccino
35. A new pair of shoes
36. An awesome workout at the gym
37. Your favorite pet
38. A Sunday backyard bbq
39. Walking your dog
40. Buying yourself a bouquet of flowers
41. Growing your own tomatoes in the garden
42. The calm after the storm
43. A big, perfect watermelon
44. Finishing a big project
45. The fall leaves
46. Making a new friend
47. Apple picking
48. An awesome spin class
49. Reading a book in the backyard
50. Just relaxing
How about you? What are the little things that make your life fantastic?