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5 Ways to Work Through A Creative Block

I just received this question on Twitter "how do you get through a creative block?" and thought it would make a great post! Here are my 5 ways to work through a creative block. At times the creative flow is not as steady as we would like. We find ourselves reaching for the right words to say or the the perfect image that would be the ultimate wow factor to complete a project. No matter how hard we sit and think, it becomes hard to create. A creative block often comes when we are in a time crunch. Those are the worst! We feel pressure and our minds will not cooperate. Creative flows are at their best when we are calm and not forcing our minds to produce. Creativity is inspired by so many different elements. Sometimes, to get through a creative block we just have to walk away, get some air and check out creative levels later. If you are experiencing a slump, here are 5 ways to work through a creative block:

5 ways to work through a creative block:

Turn on your favorite music
Change your environment for a few hours
Get around people who inspire you
Our brains can overload. You may need to write your thoughts down
Ask for help

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