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5 Tips for Keeping Track of Projects

February 5th, 2013

We all get to the point sometimes where we have so many projects happening at once, it’s tough to keep track of it all. Keeping track of projects almost becomes it’s own project – it can get crazy (and definitely overwhelming!). From projects at work to home improvement projects to fun crafty projects we want to try for ourselves, balancing it all is not easy. Here are my ideas for tracking projects – get started today and let me know what works!


5 Tips for Keeping Track of Projects

  • Set deadlines. Ok, even with home projects setting deadlines is absolutely key. Without deadlines, projects can live on forever (think halfway painted bathroom or kitchen) and that is not cool. So, go for it. Create spreadsheet of all your projects and add some reasonable deadlines.
  • Work backward from the deadlines to today. On that same spreadsheet detail everything that needs to get accomplished from the deadline back to today to finish each project.
  • Get help! Family, friends, coworkers, whoever you need. Depending on the project, add help where help is needed.
  • Prioritize. Figure out the must do’s and work your way down from there. Sort your list in order of priority.
  • As you get things done, just check them off on your list. If priorities change, move things around. Be flexible and honest with yourself about where you’re at with each project.

Those are my tips for keeping track of projects, what are yours?



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