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5 Steps for Better Work Life Balance


Being a mom, wife, sister, businesswoman, leader can be challenging at times, especially when it comes to juggling my personal time vs. my work life. As a passionate entrepreneur sometimes my work schedule runs 24/7 which leaves me no time to spend with my family; but we have to realize that getting our priorities clear is the most essential step towards achieving a well balanced life. You have to figure out what is most important to you and not what you think they should be. I always say family first, work & fun will intertwine when you love what you do


I like to use these 5 steps when figuring out what matters most. Here are a few questions I ask myself, first before following the 5 steps:

1. If my life could focus on one thing and one thing only, what would that be?
2. If I could add a second thing, what would that be?
3. A third?
4. A fourth?
5. A fifth?

2. Drop Unnecessary Activities

By making a concrete list of what really matters to you, you may discover you're devoting too much time to activities that aren't a priority, and you can adjust your schedule accordingly. Drop any commitments and pursuits that don't make your top-five list, because "unnecessary activities keep you away from the things that matter to you."

3. Protect Your Private Time

You would probably think twice before skipping out on work, a parent-teacher conference, or a doctor's appointment. Your private time deserves the same respect. Guard this personal time fervently and don't let work or other distractions intrude. "Stop checking email and cell phones so often," "Few people are so important that they need their phones on at all times." My private time is getting messages or playing games with my daughter, I am make it a point to let go of my cell phone and spend some time with me.

If you feel your work consistently interferes with your personal time, I recommend discussing some adjustments with your boss. More hours means more work may necessarily not be true, you can deliver the same or better results in fewer hours if you focus on what's most important first. Your job performance should not be judged in terms of hour input but of what you have accomplished to make the company grow. Protecting your private time often leads to "greater satisfaction in both work life and personal life, greater productivity, and more creativity."

It is up to you to create boundaries to keep work from intruding on your personal time. Make it very clear at the beginning of any new business relationship that if you work nights/ weekends then is purely choice.

4. Accept Help to Balance Your Life

Allow yourself to rely on your partner, family members, or friends -- anyone who can watch the kids or run an errand while you focus on other top priorities.

5. Plan Fun and Relaxation

Fun and relaxation are an essential part of living a well-balanced life. Get a message, a date night with your wife, couple's night out, in addition exercise, take a walk or take a night class.

Until you get into the habit of taking time for yourself, set aside space in your planner for relaxation and fun. Plan what you're going to do and make any necessary arrangements, such as childcare, to ensure you'll be able to keep your commitment. "Remember, you make time for what you want to make time for," If something is important to you, don't brush it aside.

What do you like to do to take time for yourself? Drop me a comment or send me a tweet @lorenridinger