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Stop Blocking Your Own Success: Tips from La La Anthony, Scottie Pippen, and Fat Joe

March 16th, 2017

It’s taken me many years to learn this, but over time I have grown to appreciate just how important it is to surround myself with supportive and positive people. It’s not every day that you deal with naysayers or people dragging you down, but when they do it doesn’t feel good. It brings about feelings of self-doubt and can easily and quickly become a motivation killer.

It’s tough because sometimes the most negative people in your life are those who are closest to you – and having to change that can be a real challenge. It can result in hurt feelings, difficult conversations and can even change relationships. But, at the end of the day, you need to lift yourself up. You are the only one who can make sure you achieve your goals and find success. And, you are the only one who can clear the road to reach the stars.

How to Stop Blocking Your Own Success: Tips from Scottie Pippen, La La Anthony, and Fat Joe

We each have our own roadblocks when it comes to finding success. Mine means making sure I’m surrounded by positive influences. My girl Lala, is all about believing in her own success and our friend Scottie Pippen is all about trusting the dream. Our friend and business partner, Fat Joe he says he’s relentless in the face of adversity. No matter who you are or what level of success you’ve achieved, you’re going to face roadblocks. There are going to be tough times. And, people are going to challenge our path.

So how do we do it? How do we take all of the negative out there and turn it into a positive? Here’s a look at some perspective from three of my close friends who have gone above and beyond to achieve their dreams. They’ve each faced what felt like insurmountable hurdles at times, however they lifted themselves up and got there – and they keep lifting themselves up day in and day out. Let’s take a look at how each one clears the path to their own success – and see what we can apply to our own stories.

La La day 1 MAWC 2017 Motives

Here’s how my girl Lala has made sure she found success: “We all started somewhere, but our beginnings don’t define us. We struggled as I was growing up. I’m not ashamed of where I came from and how I grew up, it made me who I am today. Don’t ever be ashamed of your story. Growing up for me, I was taught to eliminate “I can’t” from my vocabulary. My success began in my own mind. I believed it. You have to believe it before anyone else believes it. You have to believe it first. If you believe it, other people will start to believe it too.”

Scottie Pippen Isotonix

And, how Scottie Pippen removes the roadblocks: “The most important thing to do is believe in yourself and to dream. When you’re going down that road, you still have to feel that you can get to the end of the tunnel and be successful.”

And, finally my friend Fat Joe and how he sees past negativity: “These are turbulent times. You need to believe now more than ever. There are no do-overs in life. You can’t rewind the clock. Alot of times we let negativity overwhelm us. You know how many times in my life I’ve been told to stop? You gotta be relentless. There’s always going to be doubters. There’s always going to be haters. You gotta take the negative and turn it into a positive every time.”

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These three perspectives keep me going. They give me the confidence to continue to clear a path to my own success, to leave the naysayers behind and find my own way in the world. I believe that I can do anything I put my mind to and that I define my destiny. How about you? Can you stop the ways you’re blocking your own success and clear a path to achieve your dreams?

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