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4 Ways to Stay Motivated Towards Your Goals

4 Ways to Stay Motivated Towards Your Goals | Loren's World

So we’ve gotten through that first part of the New Year, when you’re totally jazzed about your resolutions and you can’t wait to achieve all those goals you’ve set for yourself. But you’re finding that suddenly your motivation is recently dwindling and you just aren’t quite sure how to get it back. You went full force for a few months, but now you’re feeling the burn – you’re tired, you’re ready for spring and the winter doldrums are really dragging you down. How do you get out of that rut and get your motivation back? And, where did it go anyway? Losing motivation happens to the best of us, but getting back really isn’t as hard you think. Here’s where to look when you’re losing inspiration and motivation for your goals.



#1. Dig deep and think about where your original motivation actually came from. No matter what your goals are – to lose a few pounds, run a marathon, advance your career, make more money, follow a passion or learn a skill – they stem from something, an inner desire to achieve. So sit with yourself for a moment and figure out where they came from and why. Why did you even commit to this goal in the first place? Once you achieve that goal, how will you feel about it and what will you do next. Answer those questions and you’ll suddenly find yourself ready to re-commit.

#2. Don’t try to do it alone. You have lots of friends and family out there – and if not – surely people who have similar goals in the area. Let’s say you want to run a marathon and you’re starting out small (like real small – running a mile a day), you have a long way to go and you need partners in crime! People who will do the work with you, make it fun and finally share in the success of achievement. Get some friends together for weekly runs or join a running group where you’ll instantly meet people with a shared sense of commitment.

#3. Change up the routine. No matter what goal you’re trying to achieve, if doing the work starts to get boring along the way – it’s time to make a change. Let’s say you’re trying to write a book, but you’re stalled and the words just aren’t coming to you. Try changing your scenery and spending a few hours a day writing from a coffee shop or even a different part of your home. Add a little music to your daily routine – or shake things up with a walk every 30 minutes. Whatever you do, shake up the process.

#4. Don’t stress. Stressing about your goals is not going to help you achieve them, but approaching the work with a can-do attitude will. When your commitment is a positive one, coming from a place of “yes” and “I can do it” you mostly likely have much more success than if you’re constantly worrying and convincing yourself you’re going to fail. Let that inner voice – the one that can be so proud – shine through and let your worries drift away – you’ll feel great, do great and be back on top of your goals in no time.

Have you found yourself falling of the resolution bandwagon in the last month or so? Any tricks you can share for getting back on?