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4 Things You Need to Know Before Planning a Wedding

4 Things You Need to Know Before Planning a Wedding, wedding, planning a wedding, wedding planning, planner, planning

Are you recently engaged and excited to plan your upcoming nuptials? You should be excited. Getting married is a big deal and a dream come true for many people. No pressure, but if you feel like it’s the biggest day of your life so far, you’re probably right – and, that’s amazing. As the bride, you get carte blanche when it comes to making decisions. But what is it you need to know? What kind of questions should you be asking yourself and your fiancé before you jump feet first into the wedding planning process? Let’s take a look at what you need to know before planning a wedding.

4 Things You Need to Know Before Planning a Wedding

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Decide what type of wedding you want. Between you and your partner, you’ll need to come to a consensus on this one. Do you want a huge wedding with all your friends, family and everyone you know? Are you more apt to go for something small and quaint with just the closest people in your life? This is a big one and will probably set the tone for the whole planning process, so you’re going to want to get on the same page.

What’s your wedding style? Are you feeling something glam and over-the-top or are you more of an understated bride looking for something classic, but comfortable? Again, this is between you and your fiancé, but it’s a point you’ll need and want to agree on. From sparkling accessories to champagne towers or a simple summer picnic, knowing what the vibe is going to be is half the battle.

What’s your budget? This is your all-in budget we’re talking about here. Everything from the dress, to the catering to the honeymoon. You’re going to want to get real and realistic about this right from the start, or it’s going to make wedding planning pretty tough. Not only do you need to agree on a budget, but you need to know if anyone is going to contribute and help you out. Are your parents or grandparents pitching in? Are his? Are you both paying for the whole thing? Whatever it is, figure it out.

What time of year do you want to be married? This is another one that will direct many of the details about the big day. You're décor, dress, and food all will hinge on the time of year – seasonal changes are inevitable when it comes to a wedding. If you get married in the winter, you might consider a dress with long sleeves, or if you’re married in the summer, you might save a few dollars by hosting the wedding in your backyard.

So – what do you think? Once you figure out those basic details, will you be able to start planning a wedding? I do!