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4 Selfish Things You Should Do in 2017

January 3rd, 2017

We’ve finally welcomed a New Year and the prospect of having a chance to set some goals, make resolutions and have a bit of a new beginning is wonderful. Don’t you agree? Each year making resolutions feels like something I’ve never done before. I dig deep, think about where I am today, what I want to change and how I can continue to improve in the areas of my life that need work. My goals are often vastly different than the year before and a handful carry over from year to year – mostly when it comes to figuring out ways to be healthier and more focused on me. Ready to get serious about the New Year? Let’s make this one your year with four selfish things to do in 2017 that will make you healthier, happier and the best you you can be.

4 Selfish Things to Do in 2017

#1. Take time off. This seems like a no brainer, right? When in reality it can be really difficult to make it happen. You take vacations, but never really unplug. You continue to answer emails, follow everything that’s happening at work and don’t actually give yourself the space you need. This year, vow to take some real time off. That means shutting down email and not responding until you’re back at the office. Your body will thank you. Your mind will thank you. And, even your team will thank you.

#2. Unplug. This goes without saying that it’s one of the toughest things we face these days. While it seems like it should be easy to take a break from social media and the web, your smartphone is your everything. It’s your camera, your calendar, your phone, your email access – it goes on – and walking away from it is very difficult. But, this year – you’re going to try. Take an hour every day to just shut it down. Put it away. Walk away. Whatever you have to do.

#3. Manage your time with you in mind. It’s so easy to get stretched too thin. And, not just with work responsibilities. It happens with social obligations too. You want to say yes to everything – and, you do. Leaving yourself with no time for you. You feel hectic and run down and that’s no way to be. This is your year to say no. Draw the line at just a couple of social obligations per week, know your limit at work and make sure down time is a big part of your life. You’ll feel calmer, more centered and all-around healthier.

#4. Bring the spa home. We can’t always afford or make the time for big trips to the spa, but we can figure out ways to bring the spa home. Whether that’s spending an evening relaxing in a big bubble bath with a glass of wine and a book or taking an hour or so to meditate or practice yoga at home, you can make it happen. If your work schedule is tight, schedule this time for yourself. Maybe it’s a Saturday evening – one of those nights you’re staying in rather than heading out – but make it a priority every few weeks. The goal: total calm and total relaxation.

What do you think? These four things sound pretty great, especially when you know they’re completely doable and will make your year more pleasant, peaceful and all-around more successful. Getting yourself grounded is step one when it comes to making advancements in specific areas of your life like career and fitness. And never forget that being selfish can be a very healthy thing now and then. Cheers to a healthy, happy and incredible year ahead!

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