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3 Ways to Make Him Miss You

4 Ways to Make Him Miss You, miss you, make him miss you, men, dating, relationships

Ladies, I get it. When you love a man, you want to be around him all the time. You want to see him constantly, hang out with him, do everything with him. That's great! Love is a beautiful thing, but there's something to be said about scarcity. Sure, you want to be with him all the time, but come on! You're a strong, confident, grown woman with a lot going on. You can't just drop everything to be with him, so be a little scarce. The best part? This will make him want you more! Strong men love a woman who is confident and does her own thing. She isn't here to play games, but rather live her life on her own terms. So, make him miss you! Read on to make it happen, ladies!

3 Ways to Make Him Miss You

Focus on you- Stop communicating with him for a day or two to make time for yourself. Think about it, when you reach out consistently, he won't have time to miss you. Do yourself and your relationship a favor, and do your own thing for a few days. He'll be desperate to know what you're up to.

Switch your attention- When you want the attention of a man, all your focus is on him, and that can make you seem desperate. What do you do? Switch your attention to something else. Think about work or your social life. He doesn't need all your energy, and you don't need to give it to him.

Move on with your life when things aren't going right- You are a magnificent, phenomenal woman. You don't need any man who isn't treating your right. Move on and show him you've moved on. If he's the right guy, he'll be back. That's a promise.

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