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3 Ways To Challenge Your Status Quo and Think Different

It's often that you hear the saying, "think different." Many entrepreneurs and companies are often looking for individuals who think outside the box and step outside their comfort zone. It's essential and mandatory to think different as an entrepreneur. In order to succeed and go against the competition you must challenge your status quo, you must see things differently, and you have to be able to take risks. It's easy to get caught up and stay in your comfort zone, but if you want put a dent in the universe you must be able to challenge yourself and think different. Here are 3 ways to challenge your status quo and think different.

3 Lessons To Help You Dream Big

1. Spend 10-15 minutes a day asking questions that challenge your status quo. Instead of asking "how" ask "why"

2. Seek out new experiences. Attend events and conferences outside your difference. Pick someone's brain find out what they think about certain business developments, news or sports. Study another culture.

3. Hire or make friends with other people who don't think like you. Part of many entrepreneurs success is the people around them. If you spend time with diverse creative people they will challenge your status quo and complement your own talent and skills.

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