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15 Signs That the Person You’re Dating Is Toxic

dating is toxic

Relationships require so much more than those three life-changing words 'I love you.' Relationships require compatibility, compromise, commitment and a lot of work! It's a big bad world out there, but the most treasured possession you will always own is you, and your heart. That's why we have to protect our heart by recognizing the signs that the person your dating is toxic and jumping ship before they cause us irreversible damage.

15 Signs That the Person You’re Dating Is Toxic

dating is toxic

When we give our love to the wrong people, it's soul destroying. But you know what? Over time, we put those broken pieces back together to mend our broken heart, and we carry on. Here are 15 signs that the person you're dating is toxic.

#1 They are on terrible terms with every ex-partner and past friend.

#2 They never acknowledge the fact they are responsible for all of their drama in their lives.

#3 When you call them out on hurtful behavior, they try and pass off their mean words as a joke. Putting LOL at the end of nasty messages or comments doesn't make it funny.

#4 They regularly disappear on you, sometimes for days, with little or no explanation.

#5 They are a seasoned manipulator and try and convince you that you're the crazy one.

#6 They are always blaming someone else for their failings. Trust me; toxic people will be the first to throw you under a bus if it in any way benefits them.

#7 They make fun of you around others, and not in a cute way.

#8 They lose their mind if they don't get their way all of the time. Don't waste your time around these toxic people - you will only find yourself constantly sucked into their drama.

#9 They literally suck the life out of you. The constant drama, negative energy, and stress will never end - get out of there now!

#10 They never apologize for being rude, hurtful or for their negative behavior. Decent human beings know when and how to say sorry.

#11 After the love-bombing honeymoon, the subtle digs start in the lead up to them infiltrating your day with negativity.

#12 You have a gut feeling that something is off with this person - listen to your intuition!

#13 They deliberately goad you, then call you defensive or aggressive when you finally snap and react.

#14 They can't communicate when they are upset with you, so you have the joy of repeatedly asking why they're acting off with you for the foreseeable future, or until one of you dies. Stop wasting your time on stupid people!

#15 They take your kindness for weakness. Possessing a sweet, calm and diplomatic personality is a beautiful thing, but you have to stand up for yourself otherwise toxic people will walk all over you. Put them firmly in their place then walk away - quickly!