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10 Ways to Empower Your Fellow Girl

October 11th, 2017

It’s International Day of The Girl. The United Nations started this holiday to increase awareness of gender inequality. Girls around the world face unimaginable hardship. For example, access to education, nutrition, and legal rights. It’s not easy being a girl in this world, which is why I wanted to celebrate today with some reminders on how YOU as a woman can empower your fellow girl. Women are amazing. Let’s remind the world! Read on to learn more.

10 Ways to Empower Your Fellow Girl

  1. Create a Safe Space: Create a space where women can talk freely about the issues in their lives. A space where they can talk about gender equality, women’s rights, and health rights.
  2. Teach Job Skills: If you’re great at grammar and creating resumes, or skilled at a trade, head to a job center and help teach women job skills so land them work.
  3. Boost Self Confidence: We live in a world where men run things. When Amber was born, I felt it was important that she learn to speak up to herself. I made sure to be the best example for her. I spoke up during times when I was scared or nervous in groups and men and women. I knew I had to because if I never did, she never would. Do the same for the girls and women in your life. You are always an example to someone out there.
  4.  Be the First: I helped to lead the way for female entreprenuers with the help of Market America and SHOP.COM. I know it isn’t easy, but work hard to try to be the first in your field. Lead the way for other women out there!
  5. Give Women Decision-Making Roles: In our company, we strive to give top roles to women. The women in corporate are on top, and we strive to continue to give these roles to women. It’s all about equal opportunity.
  6. Be a Mentor- Reach out to a girl in your community. Girls in all societies are impacted by bad influences like violence or abuse. Show that child what a good influence can be. Become an example to that girl and watch her grow up into an empowered woman.
  7. Lift Up Your Female Friends: How often are women depicted as manipulative and cut-throat? Let’s destroy the stereotype. Women are people. Period. We aren’t monsters. Find the beauty in being a woman and learn how to lift up your other friends. It’s not a competition, ladies.
  8. Be Happy For a Woman’s Success: That bitter attitude isn’t doing anyone favors, girls. Give your fellow girl love and support. Get excited for a woman’s success instead of jealous. We need to lift each other up!
  9. Be Open: Sometimes, all it takes is being a good friend to help empower your fellow girl. Listen to when your friends, female coworkers, or family members are talking. Women go through a lot whether at work or home. Sometimes all they need is a listening ear.
  10. Love: In order to empower others, you must empower yourself. Learn to love yourself first so you have the capability to love the women around you. YOU are the change we’ve been waiting for, so you need to start with yourself.

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