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7 Signs You're a Side Chick

side chick

Female intuition is a powerful thing. You're reading this blog, which means you already have reason to believe your man may not be 100% truthful with you. But how do you know how he REALLY feels about you? How do you know if you're the love of his life or just a side chick?

7 Signs You're a Side Chick

side chick

So many incredible women discover a little too late that they're not the only (or most important) woman in their man's life. Many fierce ladies even find themselves staying with a less-than-faithful man because it's more comfortable to stay rather than start all over again. I can only imagine how exhausting it must be to continually question whether your man is completely transparent with you, or whether he's just very seasoned at telling women what they want to hear and only sees you like a side chick.

He keeps in touch with all of the women he's ever dated.

While this could be completely innocent, it may also be a significant red flag that he's incapable of committing to one woman, and keeps all of his exes close as a backup plan.

You have to question how he feels about you all the time.

If a man is genuinely in love with you, he won't be able to hide it. He'll show you every day, and he'll tell you. There's no way a man in love will allow you to question his motives and give another man the opportunity to swoop in and steal your attention.

He doesn't take time to get to know you.

If he's never made any effort to know you on a deeper level, it's likely not that important to him. If you're just another option for him, he doesn't deserve your time.

He's always walking away from you.

A man who is truly in love with you will always make an effort to resolve arguments with you. Yes, there will be times you both get angry, disagree and argue - but if he walks away without trying to fix it and you find yourself chasing after him, you're just not that important to him. The truth hurts, but wasting another second on someone who doesn't appreciate how fabulous you are will hurt more in the long run.

He never seems to show any concern about you.

A man who loves you is naturally caring and protective towards you because you'll be on his mind all the time. If his actions consistently communicate to you that he doesn't care, it's because he doesn't care. Facts.

He puts everyone else before you.

If he's constantly choosing his friends over you, it's because he doesn't enjoy your company as much as he should. Nothing you do can change his mind - he's just not that into you. There's a bunch of guys who would love to be in his position, so leave him to his friends and find someone whose energy connects with yours.

You have a nagging feeling he's not invested in you.

If he seems unenthusiastic about spending time with you, never makes an effort to see you and you have an overall feeling he's not into you, listen to your intuition. Some men will keep you around only because you're a convenience to them. Don't let anyone disrespect you like that, no matter how much you like him. If he doesn't make an effort to keep you in his life, he doesn't deserve you. You deserve better.