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10 Signs You May Need a Social Media Detox

June 18th, 2014

Using social media can be incredibly rewarding and beneficial, particularly when it comes to expanding your business. But when it comes to your personal life, if you’re not careful, the very thing that helps develop and propel you forward, can easily consume your day-to-day. While it can be very fun and exciting to share and be part of an online community, dedicating too much time to it can lead to some pretty obsessive behavior. Think you’ve got it under control? Read this list and see if you’re right.

10 Signs You May Need a Social Media Detox | Loren's World

10 Signs You May Need a Social Media Detox

  1. You can’t sit through a meal without picking up your phone to document it. Every. Single. Course.
  2. If your friends are looking for you, they can always locate you via social media check-ins.
  3. You’ve begun “hashtagging” your emails, text messages, and real-life conversations.
  4. You count the number of likes on your updates and pictures and feel disappointed when it’s less than expected.
  5. You start bumping into people and things because you’re too wrapped up in your newsfeed.
  6. You’re on a date and give a play-by-play to your friends 140 characters at a time as it’s happening.
  7. You’ve fallen asleep with your smartphone in your hand every night this week. And then woke up in the middle of the night to check your newsfeed again.
  8. Your Pinterest boards are organized by specific subcategories for every single category.
  9. Your motto is, “If I didn’t blog it, it didn’t happen.”
  10. You remember people’s screen names instead of their real names.

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