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10 Rude Things You Should Not Be Doing at Work

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If you’re new to the working world, you’re probably also new to the world of office etiquette. And, while to some, it comes naturally – to others – learning the ways of the office can be a challenge. But knowing how to manage yourself in an office setting is actually half the battle when it comes to mastering corporate life in general. When you think about it, many of us spend the majority of our lives in our offices. We all work, a lot. And, that means the office becomes a second home. And, sometimes a place where you spend more hours than your actual home. So following a protocol…staying in touch with the etiquette that makes an office run smoothly is essential and makes you someone the rest of the team wants to keep around. Not sure what an office faux pas looks like? I recently stumbled upon a great Forbes article that talked about exactly that, 10 Rude Things Never To Do At Work, and it was a great read. Here are a few of my favorite highlights, and for the full article, click here.

computer, man and woman on computers, rude things that you shouldn't do at work, work, life and work, life, lorensworld

Participate in a loud mobile-phone conversation while walking down a hallway, thus interrupting dozens of people in their work. (Has this ever happened to you? It’s terrible!)

Chew ice, slurp coffee or otherwise eat or drink loudly or obtrusively whether you’re in your cubicle, in a conference room or anywhere else.

Apply or remove nail polish at your desk. Some people are allergic to the chemicals in nail polish and polish remover — and that goes for cologne, after shave and perfume, too!

Try to engage one co-worker in a conversation focused on bashing another co-worker.

Ask your co-workers about their financial status, or talk about your own.

Invite one co-worker to lunch while ignoring another co-worker who’s standing or sitting right there.

Push your political or religious views on your co-workers.

(via Forbes)

No matter what it is, from chewing loudly and slurping drinks to painting your nails right at your desk, remembering that there are other people around you is the name of the game. General rule of thumb: if it’s something that would irritate you, it will definitely irritate another person too. Simply having the forethought to realize that a communal situation is tough, is the best way to know exactly when and how to censor yourself and your own actions. Do you work in an open office setting? How do you deal with rude distractions and coworkers who make you feel uncomfortable at your own desk?