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10 Dating Rules You Can't Ignore

Navigating through the rituals of dating is absolutely exhausting. Countless nights you spend on the phone with your girlfriends in attempt to crack the man code of his verbal and non-verbal behavior. He said he would call, but you have not heard from him in a week. What does that mean? He said he likes you but doesn't give you direct eye contact. Is he telling the truth? We can go on for days regarding the mental gymnastics that come along with dating, there are just not enough hours in the day to go through it all. So I have 10 go to dating rules you can't ignore.

1. Be yourself. Don't send a representative. Eventually the real you will come forward.

2. Pay attention to what is being said and not what you want to hear. Listen if it is not something that you can handle, there is nothing wrong with being friends.

3. Do not order the wedding cake on the first date. Everyone is on their best behavior the first date. Take the time to get to know the person. Be engaged in the present not what the wedding future will look like.

4. Don't pull all of your eggs into one basket. Until the two of you agree on exclusivity, do not assume. Have fun.

5. Do not assume anything. Ask questions.

6. Go with the flow. Don't rush. See where the relationship will lead you.

7. Continue with your life. A lot of women make the mistake of getting wrapped up in a dating relationship quickly. You are dating. You can still hang out with your friends, your family and still have time for yourself.

8. Stick to your guns on your standards.

9. Don't stalk him or leave him random messages.

10. Always wear your best assets, your smile and your confidence.




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