An Interview with Author Tali Alexander

Interview with Author Tali Alexander

Tali Alexander was a successful doctor of pharmacy, but she had a different story to tell. The mother, wife, and business owner discovered while on a family vacation that she had a talent for writing more than just prescriptions. Her story is one we can all learn from and be motivated by.

Above: Tali Alexander, Author of Love in Rewind. Photo courtesy of the author.

“It all started on a beach in St. Lucia while my husband and I were on vacation,” said the Love in Rewind author. “Once I started writing the story that had been replaying in my head, I couldn’t stop. Every night I would read what I’d put down on paper to my husband, and he loved it.”

There are many things that Tali had to consider when making the decision to become a writer. “I was lucky enough to be able to quit my day job and not have it affect my family financially. I’m still very much involved in our pharmaceutical business I just no longer go into work every day.”

She added, “I essentially made the conscious decision to give my writing and my books a fighting try. As an indie author, I publish my own books. I don’t have a publishing house backing me up, therefore I have to do it all- writing, editing, cover design, formatting, promoting, advertising, creating a social media presence, attending events-- I’m a one-woman show!”

Image courtesy of Tali Alexander.

There was a lot of introspection that had to take place and discussions with her husband. Luckily, he was very supportive of her and encouraged her to move forward. She is extremely proud of how her debut novel, “Love in Rewind,” turned out. She shares why she thinks everyone should read it right now! “We all need to escape, right? I believe that for our own sanity we need to be drawn into someone else’s life. It’s why we watch movies and read books; we need a portal from the hustle of our everyday existence. LOVE IN REWIND is Emily Bruel’s fairy tale, only when we meet Emily, her happily ever after is crumbling down. We get to escape with Emily back in time to where it all began for her and Louis. Imagine that you can fall in love and taste how beautiful love can be… before the fairy tale ends.”

Tali has advice for anyone out there thinking about making a change in their life but might be afraid. “I believe that if something is really your dream and your destiny there will come a point in your life where you have no choice but to listen to that voice inside that most of us ignore, and you will find a way to bring your dreams into realism.”