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Last-Minute​ DIY Thanksgiving Decor

Last Minute​ DIY Thanksgiving Decor

So, the family's coming over to your place tonight. You've been excited for weeks! Everything's ready– Turkey's in the oven, potatoes are peeled, and green beans are already set. Then it hits you, you have no decor! You can't go to the stores right now because most of them are closed. Don't fret! You can create some last-minute DIY Thanksgiving decor with items you find at home. Read on for these helpful tutorials!

Last-Minute​ DIY Thanksgiving Decor

Thanksgiving Turkey Treats via Clean and Scentsible

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  • Place your candies in the middle of the tulle circles and secure closed with the elastic bands.  Leave enough excess tulle to form the “feathers” in the back.
  • To form the head, cut the brown pipe cleaner to approximately 6 inches.  Roll up the pipe cleaner leaving about 2 inches at the end.
  • Cut a piece of the orange pipe cleaner to form the beak {just over 1 inch} and wrap it around the outer coil of the brown pipe cleaner.
  • Cut a red piece of pipe cleaner for the wattle and glue google eyes on either side of the beak.
  • For the feet, cut a yellow pipe cleaner to approximately 8 inches and fold the end into three toes. Check the video below if you’re having trouble with this step.
  • Now you just have to stick the body parts into your tulle and your turkey is ready to go! Easy peasy!!

Toilet Paper Pumpkins via Instrupix

  1. Unroll the toilet paper about 10 times, and then roll it loosely back up to give more of a round shape.
  2. Lay out your fabric and place the toilet paper in the center.
  3. Grab one corner of the fabric and tuck it inside of the toilet paper roll. Slowly work your way around gathering up the fabric and tucking each corner into the roll.
  4. Tie a ribbon around your branch piece and stuff it into the center.

Easy Twig Place Card Holders via Serendipity Refined Blog

  1. First, print or letter the names of your guests onto card stock and cut them no larger than 2" by 3.5" (slightly smaller than a business card). Next, using hand pruners (or a saw), cut twigs to a length of around 6 inches (two per holder).
  2. Place the name card between the two twigs and use hot glue to glue into place. While the glue is still warm, adjust the card so that it can be read by rolling the twigs slightly in either direction.
  3. Next, wrap cotton twine around each end of the twigs. This helps them to sit straight.