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How to Master Your Mess: The Project Neat Edition

master your mess

Did you know that a disorganized work or home environment can elevate stress? Huffington Post reported last year how clutter is ruining your life. Disorder raises stress hormones, can promote lousy diet habits, and leads to higher rates of divorce. It's time to master your mess and get your life back in order. The Project Neat has been organizing my home recently, and you'll be wowed by the results below!

How Else Can Clutter Affect Your Life?

1. Studies suggest that children living in 'hoarder homes' are less happy, and struggle to make friends.

2. Clutter decreases your productivity; facts!

3. Clutter negatively affects your relationships and can even hinder your career growth. Huffington Post reported that '28% of surveyed employers are less likely to promote someone with a messy desk.'

4. People living in a cluttered home are more likely to be surrounded by negative energy, resulting in elevated anger and a negative mindset.

Check out the remarkable results The Project Neat are achieving in my home below. I'm so thrilled with the results. My grandbabies love it too!