Happy Anniversary To My Soulmate

Happy Anniversary JR so here we are all these years later - 30 years plus! I say that because we have been together since I am 18 and I don’t want to discuss age today. What I do want to say - is how much I love you and respect you! You have been my best friend and love of my life all these years. This journey has been filled with adventure, love, blood, sweat, pain, laughter and tears! I would never exchange it for anything. We made it together - started without a dime and now we are here! Everything we have every gotten we worked hard for - even love! I am grateful for the fight to get here! I love you more than ever! I look forward to the next 100 together! No matter what -I will always be with you and be for you- even if I don’t always agree with you. There is only us! Forever - and as far as I am concerned that is not enough time. Love you always ❤️