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Zendaya's Skincare Routine is Changing the Beauty Game

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Zendaya is changing the game in Hollywood. The young actress at just 22 has made her mark in movies, TV, and fashion. Now Zendaya can add beauty ambassador to her resume as the youngest to join Lancome. The news of her newest title comes during Black History Month and seems fitting as the young actress has been outspoken about her heritage and pride as a black woman.

Congrats to this gorgeous girl! In 2017, Lancome's newest face shared her skincare routine and it changed the game for women everywhere. Check it out below!

Zendaya starts off by washing her face with African Black Soap by Shea Moisture. She uses this because it's light and doesn't strip the skin.

SheaMoisture African Black Soap Acne Care Kit, SHOP.COM, $20.99

She uses witchazel on a cotton round all over the skin as a toner to normalize the PH of the skin after washing.

Thayers Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera Lemon, SHOP.COM, $13.87

Rose water is great for refreshing the skin and making it smooth to the touch. Love this product.

Lumière de Vie® Rosé Refresher, SHOP.COM, $22.00

Vitamin E Oil reduces the look of scares and fine lines. Zendaya's youthful, plump skin is due to her love of Vitamin E Oil.

Jason Vitamin E Pure Beauty Oil, SHOP.COM, $13.22

Tea tree oil is great for problem spots and pimples. It's a natural way to remove difficult spots!

Organic Tea Tree Oil, SHOP.COM, $14.22