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Would You Try This Fall Nail Trend?

Fall trends come and go but some really have lasting power. Pumpkin spice, anyone? As we trade in our swimsuits for knits, it’s time to explore fall trends! I’ve already spotted one that brings on some classic vibes while still being unique and completely new, especially for fall 2019.

Would You Try This Fall Nail Trend?

Tortoiseshell Nails. Are you ready to try this fall trend?

This new trend is popping up everywhere from Instagram to the runway. I love the textured pattern of this trend along with the intense shine giving it a modern spin. The good news? You can try this unique nail look at home. With the help of YouTube, you can find tutorials and DIY projects that feature the tortoise shell nail tered. Check it out below.

So the question is, would you try this fall nail trend? Let me know in the comments or tweet me @lorenridinger.


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