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Why You Need to Quit Negative Self-Talk Now

We spend so much time considering everyone else’s feelings that we neglect to love the most crucial person in our lives; ourselves. When you’re unhappy or beating yourself up verbally, you’re destroying your happiness. Negative self-talk places limits on your growth and success. It needs to stop now!

1. Self-love sets the tone for every relationship in your life.

When you’re speaking to yourself negatively, you’re setting yourself up for failure. You’re setting low expectations of how the people around you will treat you, and that’s not a productive space to be in at all. If you’ve been uncomfortable with how you’ve handled the people around you recently, a lack of self-love can be the culprit because people who are mean to others are usually not being nice to themselves.

2. Fight negative self-talk with kindness.

Call yourself out on your bull…. Any time your invalidating inner voice starts putting you down, stop it dead in its tracks. Respond with something you love about yourself. Respond by listing your good qualities in your head. Once you start practicing this, you’ll notice the negative inner voice starts to wither and die in time.

3. Turn your negative self-talk to action.

If you speak negatively to yourself about your career, use that feeling as motivation to become the person you want to be. Put a plan into action. Start strategizing how to get to the career level you aspire to be at so that you have a solid plan to get there.

4. Focus on positivity.

Every time your negative inner voice starts whispering in your eye about you or other people, kill it with positivity. Neutralize the negative words with positive words. Over time, you slay the negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones.

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