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Why More Women in Their 40s Are Having Babies

If you’re in your mid-thirties and feel your biological clock ticking with a touch of anxiety you may have left starting a family late, you’re not alone; but fret not. USA Today reported in 2018 that the United States was amid a baby bust as birth rates fell in every single age group of women except for women in their forties.

Why More Women in Their 40s Are Having Babies

While the majority of babies are born to women in their twenties and thirties, the acceleration in older first-time mothers reveals a change to postponed childbearing.

According to statistics, births among women aged 40-44 yrs. have been increasing since the early eighties and were still rising in 2017 while births in all other age groups fell to a record low.

Why are women waiting?

Medical professionals believe the trend in women in their 40s starting a family is due to putting careers first, waiting to find ‘Mr. Right’, and advanced science and fertility services giving women the choice to wait. Gone are the days where women feel pressured to get married in their early twenties unless they’re lucky enough to find their soul mate early on as I did. Times have changed, and I love that women are focused and goal-driven enough to follow their dreams with the knowledge that their time will come when they’re ready. Girl power!

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