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Why Laughter Is The Best Medicine

It definitely goes without saying that a good laugh goes a long way to making us feel better about a situation. Even in our worst moments and at our lowest times, having that friend or loved one that makes us laugh, is just the best. Have you ever noticed that a good hysterical bout of laughter gives you the same exhausted high you feel after a jog or a high-energy exercise class? As it turns out laughter and exercise have more in common than you would ever know, making laughter a sweet boost for your health. We all know that regular exercise offers great health benefits, but believe it or not, laughter is capable of reducing pain, improving blood pressure and even supporting the immune system. Who knew, right? Keep reading for a look at why laughter really is the best medicine.

A little laughter….

  • Helps release those feel-good endorphins, which make you feel great from head to toe.
  • Improves heart health. Laughing gets that heart pumping and even burns calories.
  • Can help reduce stress hormones, which will reduce anxiety and the other ill effects of stress.
  • Is a great workout for your abs! While you laugh, stomach muscles have to contract and expand, just like when you intentionally do a set of crunches.
  • Will help lower blood pressure and lowered blood pressure means a host of other health benefits too.
  • Simply makes you feel good all-over and can change a negative outlook to a positive one in a matter of minutes.

So, do you agree that laughter really IS the best medicine?