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Why It’s Time to Stop Worrying About What Others Think of You

what others think of you

Everyone has an opinion on everything these days. From the outfit of the day you choose each morning to a meeting with new clients or family members of your new partner, it can be customary to worry about what others will think about you. Constantly worrying about the opinions of others leads to living a life tailored to the views of others rather than living your best life. Self-love is the ultimate key to confidence and happiness. Here’s why it’s time to stop caring about how others perceive you.

1. You can’t please everyone.

People connect with people on an energy level. No amount of effort or impressive styling is going to change this fact. In an increasingly fake world, people crave authenticity. Unapologetically be yourself.

2. Saying sorry for everything discredits you.

Stop apologizing for things that aren’t your fault. Saying sorry for everything is discrediting yourself and can be perceived as insecurity or weakness, diminishing all of your achievements and strengths.

3. People are self-absorbed.

While you’re busy worrying about what others think about you, it’s more likely they’re completely pre-occupied with themselves and their own lives.

4. The right tribe will love you for you.

Your destined tribe will love you for everything that makes you, you! The right tribe will inspire you and support you, not judge you.

5. Overthinking is the enemy.

If you’re a sensitive soul, you likely take everything personally. The truth is, people are so wrapped up in their lives they may not even be aware that they’re coming off as abrupt or rude to you. Maybe they’re just in their feelings. Worry and anxiety only raise stress levels and force you to question everything about yourself.

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