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Why Emotional Intelligence Is the New IQ

Are you in control of your emotions? The majority of people transition between various moods every day. But if you want to be a successful leader, you need to boost your emotional intelligence and learn how to control your emotional impulses. The more in control you become of your reactions to life's curveballs, the more resilient you'll be in your business and personal life. IQ is important, but organizations are starting to value emotional intelligence as a more desirable trait.

1. Emotions Can Paralyze You

When you allow worry or anger to consume you, you give power to your negative emotions. Those who learn how to control their emotions become the most resilient business owners and leaders. Worry allows you to play out scenarios that need your attention, but over-worrying can create problems that don't even exist. Take back control by taming your fear; focus on finding solutions.

2. Take Control

Once you learn how to control your emotional responses to triggers in all areas of your life, the more robust you become. The capacity to switch to problem-solving mode instead of merely worrying is the difference between crashing and burning, or overcoming hurdles and maintaining success.

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