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Why 2019 Should Be Your Year of Ticking Things off Your Bucket List

bucket list

Stop planning for tomorrow and live for today. Make ticking things off your bucket list a focus in 2019 by creating a mini new year’s bucket list. Take items from your main bucket list that you feel are achievable in the next year and make them happen.

Why 2019 Should Be Your Year of Ticking Things off Your Bucket List

bucket list

Stop and Smell the Proverbial Roses

Think about what you really want to experience in this lifetime. Life is so short and should be experienced to the fullest, cherished, and celebrated.

Amplify Your Happiness

No one wakes up thinking “I want to be miserable today.” Something people can all agree on as part of our essential humanity is that we want to be happy. Bucket lists are full of dream experiences that will make us happy. So, by association, doing things on our bucket list will make us happy.

Celebrate Yourself Each Month of the Year

Give Yourself something to look forward to each month of the year. That’s 12 things you can tick off your list. How many things have you ticked off of your list in the past few years? I’m willing to bet not very many. Most people create bucket lists but say they will complete them “tomorrow.” Tomorrow is here. It’s today. Stop waiting.

Let Yourself Feel the Pressure

Tell social media, your friends, and family you are making a new year’s bucket list and you are going to check something off of your list every single month. You don’t have to document your bucket list adventures on social media, but if you want to, let yourself feel the pressure. Once you put it out there into the social sphere, people will be excited for you and will be expecting updates. This added pressure will keep you from flaking out on yourself.

What bucket list item are you most excited about ticking off your list in 2019? Tweet me @lorenridinger.