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Wellness Trends You Can't Miss this 2019

Wellness Trends You Can't Miss this 2019, wellness trends

In 2018 we were all about self-love and especially self-care. Working out became less about counting calories and more about mental health. So what's in store this 2019 when it comes to wellness trends? I guess only time will tell but here are the trends that some experts are predicting to be major in 2019! Read on so you don't get left in the dust.

Feminine Hygiene Products- With the advent of fourth wave feminism, we're going to see a lot more wellness products geared toward women. So long are the days of questionable ingredients in tampons, and buying Summer's Eve in secret. The feminine hygiene market is set to see new growth in 2019!

Sober Curious- Ruby Warrington's book Sober Curious has started a movement. More and more men and women are looking into the sober life. If you are starting to notice the negative effects of alcohol, this trend might be for you.

Move Over, Coconut Oil- Ginger oil is the new big thing out there. It softens skin, helps ease congestion, and soothes sore muscles. You'll be sure to be learning a lot about ginger oil in the upcoming year.

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