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Weekend Beauty: ‘Look at Me’ Makeup Tutorial

Motives Makeup Tutorial: Look at Me

As we head into the weekend, I have another gorgeous look to share with you. “Look at Me” was created by Janine (The Amazing World of J) using all Motives Cosmetics and Motives for La La products. I love the attention to detail here with the bold wing and angel dusting of white shimmer – stunning! The key here is the transition shade because it contrasts with the white. Finish the look with a shimmery nude lip. Ready to give it a try? Go step by step below with a full list of products.

Motives Makeup Tutorial Look At Me

GET THE LOOK: “Look At Me” with Motives®

– Begin with Motives Eye Base all over the lid

– Use shades in the Demure Palette for the transition, highlight and depth

– Apply Paint Pot in Marshmallow on the center of the lid and the middle of the lower lash line

– Finish off with Mineral Gel Eyeliner in Little Black Dress

– On the lips: Illuminating Lip Shine from Motives for @Lala in Undeniable

Here’s the finished look:

Pro tip: Invest in a basic set of brushes to help you recreate the details in this look. Try this one from Motives.

What do you think? Tweet me at @lorenridinger and let me know what you want to see next! xo



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