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Wednesday Wisdom: How to Feel Happy

how to feel happy

We spend our whole lives searching for happiness, but how can happiness be determined when each person's theory of contentment is unique to their personal beliefs? Read on to discover how to feel happy.

Wednesday Wisdom: How to Feel Happy

how to feel happy

Control your mind.

Scientists have long believed that happiness starts from within. Learn to tame negative thoughts and self-talk, and you will enjoy a happier life, even through darker times. When you feel the negative voice in your head starting to make an appearance, stop everything and meditate. Channel your inner positivity, and override the negativity with positive thought patterns. Over time, you'll find yourself being able to banish negative thoughts before they even have a chance to creep into your head.

Express yourself.

Sometimes it's too complicated to express our feelings. Putting pen to paper for as little as fifteen minutes a day is a constructive way to let emotions out without fear or drama. Embracing our feelings and letting them out gives us the power to let things go and move on.

Find the good in everything.

On dark days where we feel lost, overwhelmed, disconnected or even a little hopeless, it's more critical than ever to activate gratitude and optimism. Find the good in everything, regardless of how small it may seem. Your mind and the universe will reward you with positive vibes.

Go outside.

If you're lucky enough to live near the ocean, hit the beach for an uplifting dose of vitamin sea. The negative ions are energizing, while the rhythmic sound and movement of the waves can help cleanse your soul of negative emotions. Parks, botanical gardens, and forests work equally well. There is something about being submerged in nature that helps set our souls free.