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Top Pick: Motives® Lip Crayon in ‘Tender’

You guys know how much I love makeup and products –  my favorite! But, there are always those products that stand out as your absolute go-to’s, no matter how many you try. Without a doubt, I have a long list of favs and when it comes to my top picks, Motives® Cosmetics Lip Crayon in Tender is always a contender.

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TOP PICK: Motives Lip Crayon in ‘Tender’

A lip crayon that effortlessly glides on as a precise line for controlled application, it also offers an infusion of antioxidants which pamper lips for a healthy-looking pout. The bonus? The Motives Lip Crayon always maintains an all-day stay, so you’re ready for anything, day or night. This lip crayon is loved by so many, it was recently featured by writer and makeup aficionado, Elise Minton, who even became a Motives Maven after falling in love with our Tender lip crayon. Here’s what she had to say:

“Instead of going to the same lip liners I always use without success, I decided to fish around my makeup drawer and see what else I had stockpiled away that could be an option. Low and behold I came across Motives Lip Liner in Tender ($17).

I whipped out the neutral-colored pencil, which is somewhat reminiscent of MAC’s famous Spice lip liner, and got to work. I don’t know what magic formulation is inside this pencil (I do know that it’s infused with antioxidants), but for the first time in what seemed like forever, I was able to get a perfectly lined lip. The texture was creamy but not slippery and it stayed put literally all day. On day one, I wore it with a light pink lipstick; day two, more of a rose color; and on day three (by then I was hooked) a pale nude. No matter what lipstick (and brand) or gloss I paired with the lip liner, I ended up with a seamless look.

And I knew I wasn’t the only one who noticed. A few friends and a coworker even commented on how pretty my lipstick was and how good my lips looked. One even asked if I had just gotten them injected. I smiled and said, “No. I just found this amazing lip liner and it’s made a world of difference.”

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See! I am definitely not the only one in love with this awesome lip liner. Here are just a few of it’s incredible benefits:

  • Glides on easily for precision application
  • Creamy and smooth texture applies gently, unlike most lip pencils
  • Long-lasting color
  • Amazing staying power
  • Non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic

No matter what type of lip color you’re looking for, Motives Lip Crayon in Tender is a versatile and fun option that works for anything, from day to night. Do you have a favorite lip liner?


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